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This is a very busy time for Urglaawer and other Germanic Heathens. A pivotal annual moment is drawing near, and there are still some old tasks to complete and new tasks to prepare for. That moment is sunset on Thursday, April 30 by solar reckoning, which is 19:54 or 7:54 PM here in Bristol, Pennsylvania. […]
On March 18, 2020

Ebbes Griene, Ebbes Schwatze
 Ebbes Weisse fer Ihre Katze.
 Backt mer Datsch am Frouwadaag,
* Strae die Grimmle wu Sie mag,
 Vum Eck zum Eck am Gaarderanft,
 So wachse die Greider uff ‘s L

The Butzemann, the related honoring Butzemannsege (honoring of the plant spirits within the scarecrow), and the Kannsege (Ceremony of the Corn, which is when those plant spirits are awakened) are among the most “woo” traditions within Urglaawe. It stems directly from Braucherei practice, and it appears to be connected to other scarecrow traditions in neighboring […]
The importance of oaths within Heathenry is pretty well known, so I will not reinvent the wheel; instead, I will add links to a few relevant articles at the end of this post. The long and the short of ti is that one’s word is paramount. A good reputation leads to smoother relationships, better luck, […]
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