Speak Now Seeress: Lore Handspinning For Beginners – An Overview of Spinning Materials Wyrd Words: Faces of Odin – Soldier, Scholar, Skald, and Skeptic Ranting Recon: No, Not ALL Reconstructionists are Idiots… The Rational Heathen: Reconstructionists are Idiots Handspinning For Beginners – Finding Your Drop Spindle Our American Folk The Rational Heathen: Is There Such a Thing as Good and Evil in Heathen Belief? Just What Does The Rök Runestone Actually Say? The Generosity of the Vanir Gods Ranting Recon: What Are The Heathen Holidays? Is Heathenry Incomplete? Vikings in the New world Handspinning and Heathenry The Cat Story; or, Why You Should Be Very Specific When Asking Your Goddess For A Favor A Reconstructionist Argument For Inclusive Heathenry The Rational Heathen: My Gods are Colorblind The Rational Heathen: Icelandic Archaeologist Discovers Frost Giant Under Ice Melt Homesteading and Heathenry: Wights, Gods and Ancestors Sex, Love, and Beauty in Viking Age Culture Ranting Recon: Does Magic Have Any Place in Heathenry? Why Bad Things Happen: One Heathen’s Perspective Relationship Based Heathenry: Ethics and Practice Heathenry and Self-Reliance Ásatrúarfélagið’s New Hof To Be Completed This Summer Healing Old Wounds At A New Ancestor’s Grave Speak Now, Seeress: Spae Ranting Recon: The Many Paths of the Dead Homesteading and Heathenry: Honoring The Gods Through Self-Sufficiency Heathen-How-To #2 HEATHEN-HOW-TO #1 On RACISM Edward Snowden: The Honorable Traitor

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We here at the Hof are devoted to building up our community by providing free resources for our fellow Heathens and Asatruar (as well as the MANY other communities that fall under those umbrellas). We provide a number of services to help those of us who may just be starting their exploration of our religion, as well as services for those with more experience who wish to expand their knowledge of the old ways.  Click any image below to see what WE can offer YOU!

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Check out our, 100% FREE, online Library of Lore! Find various translation of the Eddas and the Sagas, as well as various books exploring the history and culture of the Germanic/Norse tribes.




The Hávamál is a collection of wise saying and Daily Hávamállife advice, written from the perspective of Odin himself! Join us as we explore this ancient wisdom, one verse at a time, and see how it still applies to our lives today!




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