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Explaining Wyrd with Back to the Future 3

Wyrd is a commonly misunderstood concept both within and outside of Heathenry. It’s often wrongly thought of as a punishment and reward system, or seen in terms of systems that are foreign to it, such as Eastern Karma or Roman Fate. The other night, I happened to catch one of my favorite movies on television and came to a startling realization. “Back To The Future 3” has some surprisingly, hilariously, good examples of Wyrd in action.


Reconstructing Runic Magic (Part 2)

After our previous article on reconstructing historically accurate Pre-Christian runic magic, I got a lot of requests for a follow-up. Our ‘practical application’ section on that article was pretty short and simple, and a lot of our readers really wanted to see that section expanded with more detail. So today I’m going to apply the theories explored in part 1 to an example piece, showing three different approaches to creating the same object!


Nordiska Asa-samfundet appoints controversial new official ‘educator’.

In a radical shift in rhetoric, Nordiska Asa-samfundet (NAS) has appointed Sibbe Bladh-Hvass, aka Carl Z. Grönbohm, as their new “Riksblotsansvarig” (translated: National Blót Manager). Bladh-Hvass describes himself as a ‘Nordic Yogi’, a student of kundalini, and a Rastafarian. In his statement after his appointment, Bladh-Hvass said: “I am Sibbe, a man directly descended from the first white men in an unbroken bloodline. I stand for a heteronormative, folk line.” It is unclear exactly what this new direction will mean for current members of the NAS.

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Magical Thought, Ritual Space: Part 2

This particular article is aimed at newer Heathens who aren’t as comfortable in their religious practices and are perhaps not yet settled into the how’s and why’s of performing rituals, with some tips for those who may be coming to Heathenry from a different kind of path, like Wicca. (As so many of us have in the past)


Preparing for the Wonnenacht

Wonnenacht is coming (sundown on Sunday, April 30), which starts the twelve-night Urglaawe observance of Wonnezeit (“Time of Joy”)! Here are ways that you can prepare for Holle’s return and the end of the...


Practicing Heathenry as a Parent

It can be hard to focus on putting our Heathenry into practice when we’re exhausted from chasing around a Toddler Tornado all day. Not everyone realizes how difficult it can be for parents to find time for even the most basic observances, much less managing to go out and find a group to blót with. Well, from one parent to another, here are a few tips that get me through my day!

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Magical Thought, Ritual Space: Part 1

Magical thinking extends beyond religious experience and into the secular world, with a vast majority of people not even realizing that they’re engaging in it much less that they hold beliefs that could be seen as irrational if we attempted to explain them. Investing personal meaning in occurrences, objects, and places is natural to our humanity and just another aspect of how our minds work.


Greetings from the Northern Mountain

When asked to consider a column for this website, I thought that writing as a Heathen Woman from a farm she tends alone would be an interesting voice, and hopefully a worthy one. I do not write as any sort of authority, historian, or academic. I write as a practicing Heathen, a Farmer, a Woman, and a Tribe Organizer. My loftiest goal is to give you a taste of my experiences here at this farm as an Ásatrúar close to the soil.


Building Right Relationship: Part 2

Sometimes it helps to look at one’s own beliefs through the lens of another culture. It can help us to view our strengths and shortcomings in new ways. Continuing my theme from Part 1 of this series, I’ll be going over how some other philosophies approach the topic of forming a relationship with the gods, and how these can apply in a Heathen context.