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Self Taught Heathenry: Learning How to Learn

In this day and age, it is incredibly easy to go online and find resources. It is actually amazing that so many of us have small devices in our pockets that allow us to look up virtually anything. Of course, this “virtually anything” includes a lot of opinions, especially when you’re researching a religious topic.


American Gods – Do You Believe?

American Gods just aired its sixth episode, “A Murder of Gods.” With that many episodes in the wild, we’ve got enough material to put it through its Pagan/Polytheist/Heathen paces. This review isn’t necessarily a breakdown of what the show is about or who you can find lurking within; there are dozens of those reviews out there. I’m here to tell you it’s one of the most Pagan shows on TV, and you should absolutely be watching.


How to Make an Offering

As a follow-up to our“Offerings for the Gods” article series (Offerings for the Aesir, Vanir, and Jotnar), several of our readers have asked how to make these offerings. There’s no one right way to make offerings, though some ways are more efficient. Here are some of the most common ways of making offerings for the Gods. The key thing to remember with all offerings is to make them with intent and respect.


Heathens respond to the Portland attack

May 26, 2017, according to multiple reports Jeremy Christian boarded the MAX light-rail train in Portland Oregon and promptly begins harassing two sixteen-year-old girls. Witnesses say he yelled racial slurs and anti-Muslim threats at length before three gentlemen stepped forward to try and put a stop to the abuse of the minors. Mr. Christian then made national news when he pulled out a knife and attacked all three of them, slitting their throats.


Cultivating Community

A farm is not an example of Self-reliance. I depend on a network of neighbors, customers, farmers, shopkeepers, repairmen, farriers, shearers, butchers, and more. Just this week a neighbor from a Christian Commune down the road happily bartered a used pony harness for 2 loads of first cut hay. Their flock of sheep came from my stock. All of us around here living an agrarian life need each other, and I feel this is an important part of being a Heathen.


Department of Defense to declare Asatru Folk Assembly a hate group.

According to sources inside the NCIS [Naval Criminal Investigative Service, a subbranch of the Department of Defense (DoD)] is already in the process of adding the Asatru Folk Assembly to the DoD list of white supremacist organizations. Documentation of the group’s efforts to recruit military members and to form groups on military bases has also resulted in the group being flagged as a possible insider threat to the armed forces.

backtothefuture3 0

Explaining Wyrd with Back to the Future 3

Wyrd is a commonly misunderstood concept both within and outside of Heathenry. It’s often wrongly thought of as a punishment and reward system, or seen in terms of systems that are foreign to it, such as Eastern Karma or Roman Fate. The other night, I happened to catch one of my favorite movies on television and came to a startling realization. “Back To The Future 3” has some surprisingly, hilariously, good examples of Wyrd in action.


Reconstructing Runic Magic (Part 2)

After our previous article on reconstructing historically accurate Pre-Christian runic magic, I got a lot of requests for a follow-up. Our ‘practical application’ section on that article was pretty short and simple, and a lot of our readers really wanted to see that section expanded with more detail. So today I’m going to apply the theories explored in part 1 to an example piece, showing three different approaches to creating the same object!