Monthly Archive: September 2016

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Celebrating the Feast of Zisa

Zisa is a Goddess well-loved in Urglaawe, but very little known in other traditions of Heathenry. This may be because of the very localized nature of Her worship, and the difficulty of obtaining detailed information on Continental Germanic deities.


Michigan Heathen Runs For US Congress

Huginn’s Heathen Hof interviews the only Heathen running for US Congress, and learns a bit more about who he is and what he stands for. If you’re a Michigan voter in the Detroit area, you’re going to want to read this!


Building a Stronger Community

Just over three weeks ago, we here at Huginn’s Heathen Hof began drafting the document that would later become one of our biggest successes. We had no idea what was coming because Declaration 127 (so named for the 127th stanza of the Hávamál) far exceeded any expectations we may have had when we created it.



Freyja brings blessings of self-love and strength; many of her followers have observed this. She challenges us to be better than we are, pushing at our boundaries and forcing us to confront the things that we lie to ourselves about. That is one experience that seems consistent for most of her devotees that I’ve spoken to: she dislikes self-deception and challenges it.


Urglaawe: One of History’s Best-Kept Secrets

The Pennsylvania Dutch brought from their homeland traditions such as bright and colorful clothing, vividly painted Fraktur and hex signs, folk medicine, a system of magic, and the names and stories of the Germanic Gods and Goddesses. It is within this community that even the Norse runes were brought over and passed down into modern times.


Is Heathenry Really Missing Something?

A wonderful article by Dagulf Loptson called “What is Heathenry Missing?” addressed a topic I’ve been hearing a lot recently in online Heathen circles. Dagulf expressed a common complaint that Heathenry lacks any kind of unbroken chain of tradition. He argues that people often leave Heathenry because too much has been lost, and our current traditions are incomplete. Now this article did raise a number of good points and I encourage people to take a look at it, but I respectfully disagree with the author’s premise. Heathenry was broken, but Heathenry is very much alive.


Writer’s Block from a Heathen Perspective

Right, so I know I’m breaking a rule of writing by writing about writer’s block – one, because it’s whiny and often feels a lot like trying to get people to praise you, and two, because it’s boring to read! Why would anyone else want to read about how hard it is to write? Write or get out of the kitchen. Don’t complain about it. But, I have this idea about how it relates to Heathenry and our gods, which I feel is a fresh take on a worn out subject.