Monthly Archive: December 2016


My Vision for Heathenry

The recent discussions around definition and limitations in Heathenry got me thinking about my own version of Heathenry. Last fall I wrote about why I love Heathenry and what is the heart of Heathenry. So, let me wrap it up and tell you a bit about what my Heathenry is.


12 Devotional Days of Yule

The following is a 12-day celebration I created for my own family, that modern Heathens can celebrate during the Yule season. While I have drawn in part from traditional European customs, this is in no way a reconstructionist effort. It’s mostly just a fun way to honor the gods and wights during one of the holiest times on the Heathen calendar.

Holle and a Girl 0

The Sacred Duty of Food

Our culture suffers from a drastic disconnect between human beings and the sources of the food they eat. I’m sure you’ve seen the memes where some poor misguided individual criticizes hunters for killing animals when grocery stores are full of food, blissfully oblivious as to the origins of that food. Lest you think that is mere exaggeration, just this week, an agricultural group I’m a part of online discussed criticism of farming by someone who was under the impression food in the grocery store isn’t also the result of agriculture.


The Skirnismal: How (And Why) Freyr Won Gerd

As a polytheist, I’ve found that they are many challenges involved with being a woman dedicated to Freyr. One of my biggest issues with Him, and one of the reasons it took me so long to come back to Him, was the myth of how He won his jotun wife, Gerda. It’s a fascinating story told in the form of an old-fashioned narrative ballad (unlike most of the surviving tales), and at first glance it doesn’t really portray Him in a very positive light.


Canadian Heathens Spearhead Pagan Declaration

Today, at about 2 PM GMT, an interfaith group in Canada officially released the “Canadian Pagan Declaration on Intolerance”, just in time for the International Human Rights Day 2016. The effort was spearheaded by Jade Pichette, an Ontario area Heathen and a Gythia for the Vindisir Kindred.


Lusse – Midwife of the Sun

On the morning of December 13th most Swedish people, in one way or another, take part in a celebration of Saint Lucy, or “sankta Lucia” as she’s called in Swedish. Surprisingly, this celebration seems to have little at all to do with Saint Lucy, with traditions that likely predate the arrival of Christianity.