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Norse Myth

Book Review: “Norse Mythology” By Neil Gaiman

Title: Norse Mythology Author(s): Neil Gaiman Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company Date Published: February 7, 2017 Language: English Cover: Hardcover/Paperback/E-book Pages: 304   TL;DR “Norse Mythology” isn’t Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece or anything, and it should not be mistaken for any kind of thorough examination of the Lore, but it IS a thoroughly enjoyable recounting of many of our favorite […]


History Channel’s “Vikings” has gone down hill.

Written by: Mathias Vidas Olsen Dear Editor, This is a pretty long rant about the TV-series Vikings. But I feel it is important, as “Vikings” is in of itself a way for the creators of the show to communicate their own perceived notion of the Viking age. They are communicating a very poorly understood culture to an […]


Paying the Price

There are people in the community who give of their efforts as volunteers to put on events. These events we all gather at and celebrate our community in, but the community does not put them on, people do. Too frequently the same people put on all the events and end up bearing the costs for what the entire community enjoys. This is not “a gift for a gift”. This is taking and not giving in return. This is not heathenry.


Arizona man files suit against The Asatru Community, Heathen Talk Network, and The Troth

Arizona resident and self-proclaimed AFA member Joshua Borba (a.k.a. Tripp Tyrson from the “Heathen Up” podcast), publicly announced that he has filed the required paperwork with an attorney and is planning to sue The Asatru Community, Heathen Talk Network, and The Troth.

early spring crocuses

Making Your Own Butzemann

In the Urglaawe calendar, we’re currently experiencing Entschanning, or the emergence, a 12-day observance beginning with Grundsaudaag on February 2nd. We complete lots of tasks during Entschanning. We’re busy cleaning out our hearths, stoves, and fire pits, in preparation for Spring. Then, we create a Butzemann!


So you want to pronounce Old Norse names…

If you’re anything like me, or really the majority of primarily English speaking Heathens, figuring out the correct spelling and pronunciation for some of those Old Norse names can be tricky at the best of times. So with all of this confusion, what’s a Heathen to do? How are we supposed to know if we’re even pronouncing the names of the gods correctly? Well, here’s a handy guide to help you do just that!

Calendar Mk6

Ranting Recon: ¿Cuáles son las festividades Heathen?

Un problema común entre los nuevos Heathens, e incluso para algunos de los más experimentados miembros de la comunidad, es determinar exactamente cómo es el calendario de celebraciones Heathen. Inclusive una breve búsqueda en Google revela calendarios diferentes y días de conmemoración. La Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) tiene ocho celebraciones basadas en la rueda del año Wiccana. Por otro lado, “The Troth” tiene veintidós celebraciones anuales si se añaden también varios “Días de Conmemoración”. Combinado con actuales disputas académicas acerca de las fechas y las prácticas, ¡Todo esto es suficiente para dejar a un principiante completamente desconcertado!

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