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A Step In The Right Direction? T.A.C. Takes Action.


Xander is a student of Anthropology, and a general history nerd. He focuses on studying Heathen Lore and reconstructing the fragments of the ancient traditions, in order to see how they can be applied to a modern community of believers.

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The Asatru Community Inc. has gotten a lot of press lately due to their relatively recent status as a California 501C3 after incorporating just under a year ago. Most notably, Heathen Talk Radio wrote a scathing review which prompted a coalition of Heathen organizations to demand greater transparency regarding T.A.C.’s financial information. This was eventually resolved, but unfortunately it seems like that was only the tip of T.A.C.’s iceberg. If anything, the now resolved financial debate shed light on an older problem that the organization had yet to address.

TAC code
T.A.C. Public Bylaws as shown on their home page.

The Asatru Community’s bylaws take a pretty firm stance against racism, discrimination, and harassment. However, there have been a number of allegations against other organizations on their ‘Partners’ page. A number of individuals claim to have reported these violations of the bylaws via the T.A.C. Facebook page, but were either ignored or actually banned from the page entirely. One such organization was actually listed in the above article from Heathen Talk Radio; The Nordic Circle Kindred.

“Nordic Circle KCAZ is a Kindred based in Arizona, and they were quick and enthusiastic supporters of Mr. Chagi and the Asatru Community. They claim that Chagi has personally helped out in their initiatives, saying that he “sent us a good amount of donations and a significant amount of water to support our vets!” ” -Quote from Toby at heathentalk.com

While HHH had no way on confirming the individual reports, organizations like H.U.A.R had been publicly pointing out the issues with this affiliation for months. Upon initial contact with a T.A.C. representative, Huginn’s Heathen Hof was informed that they were aware of the allegations against the group, that the matter had been investigated, and that no proof had been found. While the following post was created AFTER that contact, H.U.A.R. put forth a fairly clear case to the contrary.

KCAZ nazi
Clip and caption are both courtesy of H.U.A.R. Red indicators added by HHH for clarity.


The image HUAR captured is from a video clip that was originally posted on the KCAZ Facebook page. In it, the president of the organization (Who goes by Tripp) is seen wearing a jacket that is decorated by a number of White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi slogans.

On the left are the numbers 14 and 88. Both refer to works of David Lane, a White Supremacist (and unfortunately also a Wotanist…) who wrote his manifest from prison while serving a 190 year sentence for racketeering and conspiracy. The 88 words is a manifesto of sorts, but the 14 words became one of the most common slogans of the organizations like the Aryan Nation.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

On the right is the word “Schutzstaffel”, more commonly known as the SS. This was Nazi Germany’s secret police, and the force responsible for surveilling the population and finding/exterminating Jews in Nazi controlled territories. Between a manifesto that calls for some kind of racial purity, a slogan used by White Nationalist groups to identify themselves, and a reference to a Nazi military organization known for Ethnic Cleansing, the verdict here was pretty clear.



T.A.C. Steps Up to the Plate

Just a few days ago The Asatru Community Inc. finally responded to these allegations and the mounting evidence, stating:

We will be updating the partners page soon with some big updates to better reflect our ethical and moral stances! We have a zero tolerance policy against racism, bigotry, and intolerance, our partners should also reflect that, so we have made a few changes. . . We feel that these changes will drastically help improve the reflection of the strong stance we take with our By-laws, and zero tolerance policy, as well as our general ideas for the future. We want to build a strong, safe, healthy community of heathens all over the world, online and in person, check out our update partners page today, and keep up to date with TAC news, policies, and changes on our website.

Thank you.  -T.A.C. Public Announcement

While past issues and response times still have some on the fence, the removal of KCAZ as well as one other partner from their page coupled with their reaffirmation of a zero tolerance policy regarding racism certainly seems like a step in the right direction. T.A.C. is growing quickly, and already beginning to have a noticeable impact on the online Heathen community. In a community that already has to struggle with the outside world’s perception of us all as racists, it’s important to back our stances with action. It’s not enough for a group to simply STATE that they ‘aren’t racist’, their actions need to reflect that. KCAZ has a statement on their page stating that they don’t support racism, yet the evidence provided by HUAR proves otherwise. Unenforced bylaws and empty declarations can not only mislead newer Heathens looking for a safe community, they can reflect poorly on our entire community on those rare occasions when the outside world decides to take a closer look at us. T.A.C. made a smart, respectable, move this week. Only time will tell if it’s the beginning of a trend we’re all hoping to see.

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