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Arizona man files suit against The Asatru Community, Heathen Talk Network, and The Troth

Tripp Vid Threat
To see the public video, just click the above image.

 Arizona resident and self-proclaimed AFA member Joshua Borba (a.k.a. Tripp Tyrson from the “Heathen Up” podcast), made a public video announcement yesterday afternoon that he has already filed the required paperwork with an attorney and is planning to sue The Asatru Community, Heathen Talk Network, and The Troth.

Mr. Borba’s stated goal is to attempt to get all three of these organizations permanently shut down. In his public announcement, Borba went so far as to accuse all three organizations of violating the First Amendment of the United States Constitution as well as “slandering and defaming his character” to the extent that it has impacted his ability to make a living.

A note for our readers overseas, or those who may not know, the First Amendment states:

[Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.]

Thus, technically, it is impossible for any non-government entity to violate the First Amendment. Though there are other laws which might protect employees religious rights against their employers, none of them apply here.

Tripp Threat

Borba then goes on (at about the 45-second mark) to cite Declaration 127 as his primary example of how these three organizations have slandered him. A surprising twist considering D127 does not in any way mention Mr. Borba. In addition, neither The Troth nor The Asatru Community created D127, and Heathen Talk Network isn’t even a signatory or supporter of the document.

Tripp hates Kikes
Once again, the video is linked in the image. (WARNING: EXTREME PROFANITY. NSFW) (The original video was deleted by Mr. Borba, but we have uploaded another copy you can view.)

This seems to be a part of a consistent trend, as Borba made similar accusations in yet another public video he released back in December of last year, in which he claims to have been personally maligned both by D127 as well as additional unnamed/unverified articles about him. In it, he decries a number of familiar talking points including ‘Marxism’ and ‘Multiculturalism’, referring to supporters of D127 as a ‘cancer’ infecting Heathenry, going so far as to refer to the entire group as (and I’m quoting this exactly)

“Those ass-fucking, piece-of-shit, Kike-loving, Mother-Fuckers”.

He goes on to accuse multiple organizations (including this one!) of being headed by Jewish people who aren’t “really Heathen” and claims that a war in which he CUTS OFF THE HEADS of these people is inevitable.

*A note to our readers who may not know, “Kike” is a derogatory term for a Jewish person, similar to terms used against the African American community.*

Huginn’s Heathen Hof reached out to some of the organizations mentioned, to try and learn more about their part in the conflict. Many of those we spoke to expression confusion, as they had never heard of Tripp before yesterday.

The Troth’s official statement on the matter was: “No Comment.”

The Asatru Community also responded, saying:

“We stand firmly behind declaration 127 and what it stands for. We have not singled out any individuals, nor attempted to stifle the beliefs, words, or rights of anyone. As the declaration states, the AFA is allowed to believe what they want, and they are allowed to do so alone. We want nothing to do with them, including slandering their members or causing financial damage. We, among the hundreds of other signers, are doing nothing but stating our beliefs. As is our right, and just as the AFA and any of their members are welcome to do. We have never attempted to silence the words of any individual or organization, nor shall we.”


Due to an error on our part, we didn’t manage to obtain a statement from Heathen Talk Network before printing this article. However, we have since rectified that. So it is with our sincere apologies for the mistake that we would like to add HTN’s official response as an organization (and yes, this was their authorized quote):  “Who?”

For our part, as the actual creators of Declaration 127: Huginn’s Heathen Hof did not, in any way, mention or imply Borba as the focus of the document. Nor have we in any way attempted to affect his livelihood. We here at HHH do not partake in or approve of the practice of ‘doxing’. 



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