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Author: Laine Mardollsdottir

Laine Mardollsdottir is a Heathen and has been active in various Pagan and Heathen communities for the last twenty years, where she has served as a gydja and priestess, spiritual and pastoral counselor, and seidhkona. She is a Freyjaswoman and member of the Troth and ADF's Norse Kin, and has been associating with the San Diego-based Kindred of the Northern Hammer since she moved to Southern California.


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On September 19, 2016
Freyja brings blessings of self-love and strength; many of her followers have observed this. She challenges us to be better than we are, pushing at our boundaries and forcing us to confront the things that we lie to ourselves about. That is one experience that seems consistent for most of her devotees that I've spoken to: she dislikes self-deception and challenges it.
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