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Author: Stella Helasdottir

Stella Helasdottir is an ADF druid following the Norse hearth culture. She was the Scribe (secretary) of her Grove for two years; currently she is developing a solitary devotional polytheist practice and documenting it in these writings. Stella has been writing about her journey since 2016 (in Facebook Notes, only); publishing notes on life as a midwestern Heathen dedicated to Hela.
As I absorbed articles and scrolled past images of the Charlottesville Racists this week, I was more than disturbed. I was one angry Heathen. Three people were killed last weekend, by fear and terrorism. Ignorance and toxic rage marched in the streets carrying burning torches. Fools shouted words they could neither respect nor understand the true meanings of. Impotent children hoisted up flags emblazoned with hate speech and stolen symbols. In the center of some of those flags, I saw the Elder Futhark rune Othala.
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