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Huginn’s Heathen Hof

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Author: Räv Skogsberg

Räv Skogsberg is a Swedish heathen and a goði for "Forn Sed Sweden". He tends to focus on the melding of folklore and pre-Christian ideas and practices in a family and blotlag/hearth context. Räv believes in a here-and-now approach to a Heathenry that is eternally changing.
There is, to my mind, something sacred in the gathering of the ripe fruit or grain, and when I have the opportunity to do so, I would be remiss in ignoring it. Harvesting is holy. The act of harvesting can bring us closer to our ancestors, to whom the harvest was a matter of life and death, and it can make us think about what we do to our environment. This world wasn’t made for us, as the Christians believe; rather, we were made for this world.
It can be tricky to try to teach your kids Heathenry. I know my way around the myths, but I'm reasonably good at retelling them for adults, I'm not always the best at doing the same for my children. Also, I have to compete with Netflix, YouTube and Minecraft for their attention. So, I try to find small ways to reach them, childish things to peak their interest. Childish is fun!
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