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Huginn’s Heathen Hof

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Author: Stevie Miller

Stevie Miller is an Urglaawer, spirit worker, artist, and author from Pennsylvania. She has been studying, practicing, and writing about Heathenry and related paths for over 20 years, and is a member of the Troth. Stevie blogs about Deitsch culture, language, and spirituality at Grundsau Burrow ( She writes on spirit work, the Ancestor Birds, Proto-Indo-European reconstruction, and more at Feathers in Amber. (
Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Someone needs to move house. They call up dozens of their closest friends, family members, coworkers, and far-flung acquaintances begging for help with the packing and transporting a lifetime’s possessions. Only a few brave souls show up, enticed by promises of pizza or beer, only to discover a half-packed house and a moving truck that’s at least two sizes too small...
Wyrd is a commonly misunderstood concept both within and outside of Heathenry. It’s often wrongly thought of as a punishment and reward system, or seen in terms of systems that are foreign to it, such as Eastern Karma or Roman Fate. The other night, I happened to catch one of my favorite movies on television and came to a startling realization. "Back To The Future 3" has some surprisingly, hilariously, good examples of Wyrd in action.
In the Urglaawe calendar, we’re currently experiencing Entschanning, or the emergence, a 12-day observance beginning with Grundsaudaag on February 2nd. We complete lots of tasks during Entschanning. We’re busy cleaning out our hearths, stoves, and fire pits, in preparation for Spring. Then, we create a Butzemann!
Our culture suffers from a drastic disconnect between human beings and the sources of the food they eat. I’m sure you’ve seen the memes where some poor misguided individual criticizes hunters for killing animals when grocery stores are full of food, blissfully oblivious as to the origins of that food. Lest you think that is mere exaggeration, just this week, an agricultural group I’m a part of online discussed criticism of farming by someone who was under the impression food in the grocery store isn’t also the result of agriculture.
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