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Huginn’s Heathen Hof

Blogs, Lore, and more.

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A blog exploring Polytheist thoughts, philosophy, and community by Cara Freyasdaughter.





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Exploring the day to day life and philosophies of a Heathen military veteran.








IrminsulThe Kindred Irminsul
of Costa Rica is a group of Ásatrú Tribalista founded in 2010 by the Goði Esteban Sevilla . This brotherhood was born with the intention of establishing and organizing the Ásatrú in Costa Rica, since there was no help facility or group dedicated to the study of this path.








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Exploring the myths and magic of Heathen tradition from the perspectives of a modern mystic.





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Heathen skepticism, and the blending of faith with a healthy degree of scientific literacy.







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A blog about self sufficiency and family in a Heathen context. Join Katla Hase as she explores crafting and homesteading as a way to connect with her faith.






ww logoWyrd Words is a community-centric Heathen blog, exploring modern issues as they relate to the adherents of an ancient belief system.