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Category: A Pair of Goats


Casting Luck

In A Pair of Goats , Editorials
On August 3, 2017
Paying as you go is part of our faith. The gifting cycle circles every moment of our lives. Small offerings like this are not something I have to I think about anymore, but when I started taking Heathenry seriously I had to really force myself to plan ahead. Now it's just second nature.
When asked to consider a column for this website, I thought that writing as a Heathen Woman from a farm she tends alone would be an interesting voice, and hopefully a worthy one. I do not write as any sort of authority, historian, or academic. I write as a practicing Heathen, a Farmer, a Woman, and a Tribe Organizer. My loftiest goal is to give you a taste of my experiences here at this farm as an Ásatrúar close to the soil.
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