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Paying the Price

There are people in the community who give of their efforts as volunteers to put on events. These events we all gather at and celebrate our community in, but the community does not put them on, people do. Too frequently the same people put on all the events and end up bearing the costs for what the entire community enjoys. This is not “a gift for a gift”. This is taking and not giving in return. This is not heathenry.


Women In Heathenry: Their Words

I have been excited to meet heathens of so many local communities over my time in Heathenry, often inspired by the presence of known and well-respected members of that community who have been esteemed for some time. In each and every occasion I have visited with Heathen groups in person, I have been pleased with the Heathen’s I knew about and came to meet (in retrospect almost always men) and absolutely blown away by the amazing heathens I never heard of before (almost always women).


Women in Heathenry

You know, I thought we were getting it right. I thought I had a pretty good read on what women faced, in every community. Of all of those communities, I thought Heathenry was the one that did the best job of accepting men and women equally and in all the myriad expressions of their femininity. Then I interviewed some of the finest Heathen women that I’ve ever had the privilege to know. What they had to say about my community was an eye opener…