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Category: Modern Heathenry

Know’st how to write, know’st how to read Know’st how to stain, know’st how to understand Know’st how to ask, know’st how to offer knows’t how to supplicate, know’st how to sacrifice? (Havamal 146, Hollander trans.) (Odin: He drinks and He knows things) (Author’s Note: in this article, I’ll discuss the importance of learning the […]
Given Heathenry's focus on using alcohol in our rituals and the focus on feasting (often with alcohol), alcohol abuse can become a problem in Heathen communities. Sometimes it’s a guest who’s high at your sumbel and makes a nuisance of himself. Sometimes, it ends up being hidden in one of your most trusted kinsfolk with whom you’ve shared the horn with for years, and comes out in an unexpected and devastating way. Addiction, it whatever form it takes, can affect us all. Here are some suggestions for dealing with it at all levels in your community.
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