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A god for everyone?

The old gods are multiplicitous in nature. For nearly every way of being human (or non-human), there is a god who embodies that way of being in their sacred image. How differently would we treat those unlike ourselves if our predominant cultures had so many more gods to relate them to, instead of one unattainable deity to judge them against? I see Polytheism as offering the solution to a desire I think many people hold but may not have a name for: to see ourselves in our gods.


Building Right Relationship: Part 2

Sometimes it helps to look at one’s own beliefs through the lens of another culture. It can help us to view our strengths and shortcomings in new ways. Continuing my theme from Part 1 of this series, I’ll be going over how some other philosophies approach the topic of forming a relationship with the gods, and how these can apply in a Heathen context.


Building Right Relationship: Part 1

I recently read an article which ended up prompting me to think again about how modern Polytheists (including Heathens) have begun to re-relate to their deities. Much has already been written about the fusion that has been forming between ancient Polytheism and modern pop-culture in some circles, with arguments ranging between “pop-culture is a doorway to the gods” to “portraying the gods as pop-culture figures is entirely disrespectful”.


The Ancestors as Bridges Instead of Barriers

It is unfortunate that factions of outspoken white nationalists have increasingly found their way into Heathenry and, perhaps due to this, the subject of lineage and ancestry in the Northern Traditions has become an extremely sensitive one. Are there ways in which the Heathen ancestors could become bridges rather than barriers for non-European descended converts by including them in their practice?


12 Devotional Days of Yule

The following is a 12-day celebration I created for my own family, that modern Heathens can celebrate during the Yule season. While I have drawn in part from traditional European customs, this is in no way a reconstructionist effort. It’s mostly just a fun way to honor the gods and wights during one of the holiest times on the Heathen calendar.


Sigyn: Lady of Oblation and Victory

As an interest in modern day Loki cultus has continued to rise, so too has an interest in Loki’s oft forgotten wife Sigyn. Despite the lack of evidence regarding her, Sigyn has still managed to find a foothold within modern Heathenry, and has had a surprising amount to teach new devotees about duty, devotion, constancy, and sacrifice.