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May 26, 2017, according to multiple reports Jeremy Christian boarded the MAX light-rail train in Portland Oregon and promptly begins harassing two sixteen-year-old girls. Witnesses say he yelled racial slurs and anti-Muslim threats at length before three gentlemen stepped forward to try and put a stop to the abuse of the minors. Mr. Christian then made national news when he pulled out a knife and attacked all three of them, slitting their throats.
In a radical shift in rhetoric, Nordiska Asa-samfundet (NAS) has appointed Sibbe Bladh-Hvass, aka Carl Z. Grönbohm, as their new “Riksblotsansvarig” (translated: National Blót Manager). Bladh-Hvass describes himself as a 'Nordic Yogi', a student of kundalini, and a Rastafarian. In his statement after his appointment, Bladh-Hvass said: “I am Sibbe, a man directly descended from the first white men in an unbroken bloodline. I stand for a heteronormative, folk line.” It is unclear exactly what this new direction will mean for current members of the NAS.
Latin American Ásatrú has grown a lot in recent years. Countries like Costa Rica have been on the radar of the worldwide Ásatrú movement on multiple occasions. The Central American country has been represented mainly by the Irminsul Kindred and most recently by the Ásatrú Yggdrasil Association (AYA), founded in 2015 as an umbrella organization for individual practitioners and smaller groups seeking legal recognition.
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