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Folkish owned company takes stand against racism

(Warning:[NSFW] Video contains graphic profanity, racial slurs, and mentions of extreme violence. Viewer discretion is advised.)

On Sunday, February 12, Huginn’s Heathen Hof published a piece about an Arizona resident who had announced his intent to sue The Troth, Heathen Talk Network, and The Asatru Community. (A lawsuit which the complainant maintains is still in process, despite the fact that none of the aforementioned organizations have received any legal notifications as of yet, and no record of the suit has yet been documented at the time of this article.)

On Saturday, February 18th, a Folkish owned clothing company called “Tier One Viking Wear” made an official press release, in response to the featured videos; in which Mr. Borba uses a number of racial slurs and threatens to decapitate the owners of two separate Heathen organizations. (You can view the video by clicking the image to the left. [NSFW])

Speaking with Huginn’s Heathen Hof before the press release, Mr. Chris Jacheo had this to say: “I literally want to throw up. He says Folkish Heathens are not racist but uses the word Kike in the same breath … this is exactly why people have a bad view of Folkish Heathens.”

Mr. Jacheo then went on to clarify that neither he nor his company endorsed the ideas, methods, and language used in the videos; releasing the following statement just a few days later.



















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