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Frostrune: The Heathen video game you’ve always wanted


Have you ever wanted an engaging video game that feels like it was MADE for Heathens? Not just another “Viking” game where you run around hitting things with an axe, I’m talking about a game that’s more than skin-deep. It’s no secret that Gamers make up a large segment of Heathenry, yet most of the games that really play with Norse mythology don’t bother to go beyond this overdone motif. Well, my fellow gaming Lore nerds, fear not; an amazing breath of fresh winter air has come and it is AMAZING.


If our rating system allowed for a 6 out of 5, I think “The Frostrune” would be the first thing I’ve seen that would deserve it. It’s hard to know where to begin with this game. The art is absolutely stunning, the soundtrack is incredible, the story is complex and engaging, and best of all THIS GAME REWARDS HEATHENS WHO KNOW THEIR LORE!

 So let’s start at the top, shall we? The story behind Frostrune has you playing as a young girl who is the only survivor of a storm at sea which claimed her father’s ship. You start the game stranded on a deserted island, and instantly get thrown headlong into the mystery of what happened there.

As I said above, have no fear, we’re not about to ruin the story for you! You’ll find no hints or puzzles here, but what we CAN show you is a few of the pieces that make this game truly incredible.  For example, within minutes of starting the game, you’ll already find yourself exploring a setting that will make you feel you’ve finally ‘come home’. Kennings straight out of Skaldic poetry, Norwegian/Swedish style runic inscriptions, and tons of classic Heathen imagery abound.

A classic ‘point and click’ puzzle adventure, Frostrune will keep you scratching your head and loving every minute of it. The challenges are both numerous and diverse, avoiding the common pitfall of overly repetitive levels or puzzles. Some of the challenges are entirely practical: ‘Where’s the key for this door?’ or ‘How to I reach that tool up on that scaffold?’.  Other challenges will have you scouring the island in search of the spirits of fallen ancestors, just so you can listen to their (beautifully composed) songs and piece together a lay. What’s more, many of these more mystical challenges go beyond the commonly referenced figures of the Lore, and delve into features that Heathens are more likely to recognize than most.

You’ll certainly see carvings of Óðinn and mentions of Þórr, but you’ll also find groves of god-poles, and get a chance to seek the aid of friendly Landvættir if you can find the right offerings to appease them! Stalli (indoor shrines) are beautifully carved and painted with elements many Heathens will recognize from runestones and Viking age motifs, while Vé (outdoor shrines) have a beautifully ‘primordial’ look to them, with carvings and figures more reminiscent of the pre-Viking bronze age.









Created by the brilliant team at Grimnir As, I feel confident in saying that while the game might not have been made by Heathens, “The Frostrune” is most certainly the kind of game that so many of us Heathens have been waiting for! To view the preview videos and download the game to your computer/tablet/iphone/android, CLICK HERE.



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