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Huginn’s Heathen Hof

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Hail Frigga


Hail Frigga
By Räv Skogsberg

Hail Frigga
Fjörgynn’s daughter
midwife and mother of mothers
take in your arms
the tired wife
and cradle the child in your cloak


Hail Frigga
of foreknowledge
of witchcraft, of wisdom, of wyrd
cosmos and chaos
for queen völva
speaks when she spins her thread


Hail Frigga
high and holy
your mantle strewn with stars
formed out of fire
your famous distaff
riding on Máni’s road


Hail Frigga
of falcon hamr
Queen of Fensalar, come!
Lady of Love
Hlodyn are you
Hear me calling you here
Here me inviting you home

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