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Heathens Around The World Take a Stand With Standing Rock Sioux


Today, at just a little past 8 a.m. GMT, an international group of Heathens released a collective statement in support of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota. The tribe, which has been protesting an oil pipeline for months, claim the company responsible for laying the pipeline failed to consult tribes or conduct a full environmental impact statement.” 

After connecting with the Mountain Ancestor’s Grove, who sent representatives to support the Sacred Stone Camp back in September, Huginn’s Heathen Hof reached out to a number protesters on site at the Sacred Stone Camp for more information. According to multiple sources on the ground, the land that was purchased by Dakota Access actually isn’t on the reservation. However, the conflict arose when an area in the pipeline’s path was discovered to contain a possible ancestral burial ground with the remains of several important figures in Sioux history. The site was quickly submitted to the court as a protected site due to it’s cultural significance, however that application was never reviewed as a long weekend gave Dakota Access time to reach the site and bulldoze it before it could be registered.

Lakota Chief, Arvol Looking Horse, recently put out a call for support, saying:

“We are asking the religious leaders to come and support them, to stand side-by-side with them because the are standing in prayer.” – Chief Arvol Looking Horse

In response, a group of Heathen scholars and religious leaders from Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and the United States, came together to create a statement of solidarity. Quoting the Grottasõngr, the speakers share the dire portents from the Lore about the downfall of a king who did not respect the spirits of the land.

“With [these] ancient words warning us against unjust leadership, we stand with the Standing Rock Sioux.” – Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen (Creator and Director of the clip)

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