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HHH Statement on the Attempted Coup in D.C.


It just happened here.

An armed mob stormed the Capitol Building in Washington DC as part of an attempt to disrupt the peaceful, legal transition of power at the behest of the current occupant of the Oval Office. Among those who stormed the building today, one highly publicized example was of a self-described “shaman” with a buffalo headdress and various tattoos including a tree of life, valknut and mjolnir.

We, the undersigned, denounce this fascist coup attempt and all the individuals who have profaned those symbols with their shameful actions. May their ancestors turn them away in shame, may they be shunned by all who know them, and may those who have stolen what they have no right to claim feel the wrath of the Gods they have dishonored

However, it’s not enough to simply identify and denounce. If doing so would have resolved this, it would have happened already.

Rather, inclusive Heathens must recognize that in order to effectively confront racist Heathenry, and other oppressive uses of the viking warrior mythos, white supremacy must be confronted in total–not just when it is specifically relevant to us.



Robert L. Schreiwer, admin, Huginn’s Heathen Hof

India Falkabarn

Ryan Smith, author, The Way of Fire and Ice

Sae Lokason

Stella Hellasdottir

Esteban Sevilla, Goði, Asociación Ásatrú Yggdrasil

Lagaria Farmer

Cara Freyjasdottir

Teunis Peters

Reginleif Eikþyrnir, admin, Loki’s Hut

Mathias Nordvig, Nordic Mythology Channel and podcast

Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen, Nordic Animism

Arith Härger

And the HHH team

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