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HHH’s Top Ten Articles of 2018


Time to wrap up 2018! Here are the top articles viewed by readers at Huginn’s Heathen Hof this past year. Some of the articles are new, but most are oldies-but-goodies.

10. Reconstructing Pre-Christian Runic Magic

Xander Folmer covers the historical context for runic magic, runic charms, and runic inscriptions.

9. How to Make an Offering

Originally a Patreon-only article, Cara Freyasdaughter reviews the basics of how to make an offering for the Gods and ancestors in a Heathen context.

8. 12 Devotional Days of Yule

Former contributing HHH author Dagulf Loptson’s “12 Devotional Days of Yule” gives an in-depth description of how one Heathen’s family celebrates the Yuletide holidays.

7. Offerings for the Gods, Part 1: The Aesir

This is first article in Cara Freyasdaughter’s “Offerings for the Gods” series is a great starting point for any new Heathen in building their personal practice. Also check out Offerings for the Gods, Part 2: The Vanir and Offerings for the Gods, Part 3: The Jotnar.

6. So You Want to Pronounce Old Norse Names

Xander’s handy guide to pronouncing Old Norse words. Never be stumped by Old Norse pronounciation again!

5. So You Want to Be a Heathen

A great article from former HHH contributing author Räv Skogsberg for people interested in becoming Heathen.

4. How to Write Old Norse in Runes

Many Heathens want to know how to write names and invocations in runes. Equip yourself with the ability to write your own runic inscriptions!

3. The Younger Futhark Runes: An Instructive Guide

Xan’s overview of the runes of the Younger Futhark.

2. Sex, Love, and Beauty in Viking Age Culture

Cara Freyadaughter’s ever-popular article on some of the most interesting aspects of life the Viking Age.

And finally, the most popular article on HHH this year (and overall the most popular article on our site):

1. The Elder Futhark Runes: An Instructive Guide

Xan’s overview of the most commonly used run set in modern Heathenry, the Elder Futhark.

Happy New Year!

–The staff at HHH

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