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Learn Old Norse with Sveinn Ullarson


Sveinn Ullarson is a professional Old Norse teacher/translator, who offers online lessons to people around the world and has provided professional translation and dialect coaching services for a number of authors and film producers. Sveinn is also a scholar of runes, and can teach students to accurately read and write the Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark, Saxon Futhorc, and Medieval runes, as well as New Futhork. [A system for writing modern languages like English in runes.]
Lessons take place over Skype, and paying students are also welcome to message him at any time for further study outside scheduled lesson times. Students do not need to arrange weekly lessons if they don’t wish to, they can schedule individual lessons as needed.

Standard rates are:
Half-hour lesson:
UK: £11
USA: $16
Europe: €15
Australia/Canada: AU/CA$22

Hour lesson:
UK: £14
USA: $20
Europe: €18
Australia/Canada: AU/CA$27

Translation services:
UK: £0.15 a word
USA: $0.25 a word
Europe: €0.20 a word
Australia/Canada: AU/CA$0.30 a word

If you are interested, please get in contact and book a free 15-minute trial lesson. If you book your half-hour or hour, it doesn’t have to be Old Norse, it can also be on Runes, Proto-Norse, and Germanic linguistics.

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