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McNallen’s ‘Wotan Network’ promotes alleged human traffickers


Stephen McNallen, and his alt-right group ‘The Wotan Network‘ have been promoting an organization called Defend Europe since JuneDefend Europe, a branch of the anti-immigration group Generation Identity, made international news when they indicated that they would be buying a ship and purposefully disrupting search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

On Thursday, July 27th, Defend Europe’s shipthe ‘C-star’, was detained by and then deported from Northern Cyprus. According to current reports, the C-star was detained for supposedly forging documents for over 20 Sri Lankan sailors, in an attempt to smuggle them into Italy.

Faika Pasa, a Cyprus human rights activist who was on the scene, explained:

Some said they had paid €10,000 to smuggling rings to get on the ship and be taken to Italy. Five have since requested asylum. The other 15 have now flown back to Sri Lanka.” 

Defend Europe has since claimed that the accusation of human trafficking is the result of a conspiracy, claiming that the Sri Lankens who informed the authorities must have been bribed by NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) to do so. No evidence to support this claim has been produced at this time. 

At the time of this article’s creation, the charges against the C-star relating to forging legal documents have been dropped, however, the human trafficking charges remain under investigation with the ship’s Swiss owner being sent south for further questioning & potential prosecution. 



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