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Nordiska Asa-samfundet appoints controversial new official ‘educator’.

Image from official NAS profile. Quotes from Sibbe Bladh-Hvass.

Nordiska Asa-samfundet (NAS) has appointed Sibbe Bladh-Hvass [1] as their new “Riksblotsansvarig” (National Blót Manager). According to the NAS announcement, a Riksblotsnansvarig is tasked with aiding people who would like to establish new kindreds within NAS, in addition to running his own task force, and will work parallel with the official NAS board.

An official advertisement made by Sibbe Bladh-Hvass to promote his own kindred, featuring a swastika and a WW2 ‘Black Sun’. [Click for Video]

Bladh-Hvass describes himself as a ‘Nordic Yogi’, a student of kundalini, and a Rastafarian [2]. The NAS board attributes Bladh-Hvass’ appointment to this office to his years of experience running his own kindred “Hrafnar Blotlag”. As such, he will also be responsible for the education of NAS members regarding blóts, the formation of kindreds, and ceremonies. His appointment marks an apparent shift in NAS policy, which previously maintained that the Swedish-based organization neither maintained, nor desired, any affiliations with the American-based Asatru Folk Assembly (Bladh-Hvass being a former member and longtime supporter of McNallen himself).

“As you all know I don’t take lightly on asatru, because asatru is the means of survival for my race … and I want to thank the people who are keeping this alive. I want to give thanks to Stephen McNallen and Matt Flavel of the Asatru Folk Assembly for keeping the torch blazing!” -Sibbe Bladh-Hvass

HHH reached out to Bladh-Hvass to inquire about this apparent shift in direction from an organization that has spent much of the last 7 months trying to distance itself from the AFA. Bladh-Hvass responded, saying: For me, as a native Scandinavian, I never joined the AFA to let them ‘run me’. I was pulled in by Steve’s [Stephen McNallen’s] charisma, and I liked how they set their order. I still find them friendly, and maybe it’s good for Nazis to get more spiritual!” [See Quote Here]

After our investigation last November discovered their ‘Head Theologian’ Omar Richter paraphrasing the manifesto of an American white supremacist on youtube, Nordiska Asa-samfundet undertook a massive PR campaign in which they attempted to reassure their members of their commitment to the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights. After seven straight months, it would seem that the NAS has decided to appeal to a different target audience.

Bladh-Hvass maintains that all are welcome in NAS, “If they want to work for [the NAS’] agenda”. However, when asked about membership requirements, Bladh-Hvass clarified that they were looking for ‘Proud Swedes’, which came with at least one very specific limitation. According to Bladh-Hvass, Jews cannot be Swedes: “Swedes are ONLY Swedes.” He explained in an exchange with HHH. “To be Swedish is not a nationality, it is an ethnicity.” 

This radical shift in rhetoric only came about at the tail end of last month, so it is unclear exactly what this new direction will mean for members of the NAS.

[1]- Other aliases include:  Carl Z. Grönbohm [link: Why Genesis says you should be a vegetarian, by Sibbe/Carl.]  and Jah Zebi [link: Facebook account under Sibbe’s Rastafarian name, through which he creates Reggae music.]

[2]- Click here to see Sibbe’s Reggae song “Burn Out The Heathen”


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