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Huginn’s Heathen Hof

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Entschtanning is a major Urglaawe observance that brings together several Pennsylvania Dutch (Deitsch) cultural observances and practices over a twelve-night/day period. The observance begins at sunset on February 1 with Grundsaudaag, better known in wider American culture as Groundhog Day. The Groundhog (Deitsch: Grundsau, actually a “ground sow”) bears some similarities to Ratatosk, the squirrel […]
The art of storytelling is that of weaving a spoken spell over the audience and transporting them to another time and place.  Wide eyed listeners perch on the edges of their seats.  Their breath taken in forgetful gasps as they cling to every word that hangs on the air.  They find themselves deep in ancient […]
Editor’s note: Author Eric Word-Weaver Sjerven has a BA in Psychology, is a licensed Child Care Administrator, and has worked in the field of psychology for 15 years at a residential care center.  Throughout time immemorial, men and women have known of the shadow.  That ever present, nagging passenger that rides just behind the shoulder, speaking […]
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