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Rare Bronze Age Petroglyph Discovered in Denmark

sun wheel stone
Photograph belongs to the Museum Østjylland

An incredibly rare archaeological find was just discovered along the east coast of Jutland in Denmark. Found by a local farmer, this incredibly well-preserved bronze age petroglyph depicts a design commonly referred to as a ‘Wheel Cross’ or ‘Sun Cross’, so named because it is commonly thought to depict the passage of the sun across the sky. These stones have always been rare, but this particular discovery seems to have an even more unusual story to tell. According to Esben Kannegaard, an archaeologist who works for the Museum Østjylland, these petroglyphs are usually found much farther east on the island of Bornholm.

The Museum Østjylland is attempting to have the stone declared a national treasure while they hold it for study before shipping it to Copenhagen for further investigation. If they are successful, the stone will be preserved in a national museum and a reward will be issued to the farmer who found the stone. For further information and verification of authenticity, we will have to wait for the report from Copenhagen.

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