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Religious Privilege and Violence


Recently, a pamphlet began to circulate within evangelical communities in Texas. The pamphlet contained information about Austin Witchfest 2020 and encouraged readers to join a protest to disrupt the event. These same types of protests appear just about everywhere and have disrupted Heathen and Pagan events for far too long.

I respect Keynote Mat Auryn’s response to the planned evangelical protest of Austin Witchfest 2020. It is sad that the organizers of the event have to even deal with this sort of thing, and Mat’s suggestions are rational and appropriate to the circumstances.

However, from my personal perspective, the religious privilege behind the evangelicals’ protest is the same as the sense that is driving violence against Native faiths in Panama (where at least there have been arrests) and Brazil.

The privilege allows the spread of hate to go on unchecked because the evangelicals think that it is perfectly normal that they have the ability to disrupt others’ expression of religion and spirituality.

Sooner or later, the struggle is going to have to be taken to them with peaceful protests taking place at their houses of worship or at the places where they gather to organize their efforts to quash others’ rights.

There are many good people of all religions around the globe; this is not a post directed at those people. Many Christians are horrified by the violence that these hate-filled groups use. Many are disgusted to learn that evangelical terrorists are LITERALLY beating, torturing, and killing people who hold different religious beliefs.

This IS history repeating itself. This religious privilege must be dismantled.

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