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Skaði’s Protection: A prayer for troubled times


Remember she

Who stood her ground

For naught does Skaði fear to see

Fears not the eye

Nor hammer’s fall

The cost of vengeance hers to claim

Tears of winter

Turn to whispers

That mead which Óðinn gave to men

But sharp the ears

And keen her eyes

Unclouded by man’s witless words

Gray winds roiling

Waves are roaring

Ægir’s daughters aggress tall stones

Thunder comes not

From Þunor’s wain

Enemies of old risen anew

For banners reek

Of raven-wine

Their twisted runes profane the eye

Once defeated

Now determined

Where once abated now abound

Wake pale shadows

Of Imð’s fierce steed

Brave huntress heed their howling song

Jötunn’s ally

The mountain’s joy

A lay so old the stones could sing


Now dress for war

Let howling pack ride at her heels

Roaring winter

Wake from her skis

And Landvættir lope at her side

Kings carved of fear

Her blows shall cave

For fierce is the wild’s feral glee

Let bow-rain fall

The hail of war

Blood banners driven to the sea

Remember she

Who stood her ground

For naught does Skaði fear to see

Never again

Never again

Let blood banners be driven to the sea

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