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In a previous article, we talked about the relationship that was just starting to be established between the Yggdrasil Ásatrú Association of Costa Rica and the Åsatrufellesskapet Bifrost of Norway. The visit of their Bifrost's former leader, Stine Helen Skår, and her associate, Hans Gunnar Pedersen, was a highly anticipated event for the Heathen community of the Central American nation.
I am well aware that stories are not the same as hard work and experiences, but those stories are what ground me, and they help me feel stronger in moments of doubt. Things like deadlines, skittish horses, or lazy days. I think, as Heathens, we are attuned to those stories. So look to those tales when you need inspiration or feel alone. You are never alone when you know an old story.

Teaching Teens

In Editorials , Vegvísir
On July 10, 2017
I work in a quasi-military environment, with teens from the ages of 16-18. The difference in the provisions provided for the Christian students and the non-Christian students is one of guidance. The Christian students can, of course, go to the local churches. The students practicing Native American or pagan religions are kind of left to ‘minister’ to themselves. They don’t have the guidance and support of an adult in their religious services, which can lead to them feeling a little lost. My role may be legally restricted when it comes to religion, but I've still learned quite a lot over the years about talking to and teaching teenage Heathens.
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