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Fast-growing Swedish Asatru org exposed

In a recent interview, Nordiska Asa-Samfundet’s (NAS) Spokesman, Stenar Sonevang, claimed that the NAS is entirely non-political and open to anyone who wishes to explore the faith. Unfortunately, this narrative quickly crumbles upon close inspection. HHH has uncovered shockingly unsavory ties to some of Sweden’s most radical underground groups.


The Real Story Behind ‘Camp Courage’ And The AFA

Many Heathens awoke on the morning of September 2nd to the news that the Asatru Folk Assembly’s “Midwest Fallfest” had been kicked out of the camp that they had booked for the event just days before the event was due to take place. Many proponents of the AFA pointed fingers at the Troth or H.U.A.R., but the reality is far more surprising.


A Step In The Right Direction? T.A.C. Takes Action.

The Asatru Community’s bylaws take a pretty firm stance against racism, discrimination, and harassment. However, there have been a number of allegations against other organizations on their ‘Partners’ page.


A Reconstructionist Argument For Inclusive Heathenry

There’s this bizarre idea that inclusive ideologies are somehow foreign to Heathenry, and that those that promote these values are ‘un-Heathen’. Well, not only are inclusive practices native to Heathenry, they’re a core part of the culture. Xenophobia and ‘Ethnic Purity’ are the foreign ideas here…

The Rational Heathen: My Gods are Colorblind 0

The Rational Heathen: My Gods are Colorblind

One of the headaches Heathenism has is the racism that is often disguised as Odinism. The problem is that when racist people start following our gods, it taints the rest of us because the media is quick to paint everyone with a broad brush. It’s not fair, but that is how life is. And, as I’ve pointed out in the past, life isn’t fair.