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Huginn’s Heathen Hof

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Tales of Ragnarök


By Xan Folmer

Beneath the stones
Below the world
With vengeful eyes in venom doused
Furious, burns
Maddening, churns
Wrathful and wronged by brothers old.

He charmed the horse
A fly, caused harm
Through treachery treasures abound
Their will seen through
And secrets kept
Sundering repays sacrifice

Weighs the branches
Sickens the wyrd
The roots of Öorlog are rotting
Old lies silenced
Cold truths spoken
Weregild requires recompense

Chains now broken
Scales changing
Branches cracking, broken, falling
Past acts come due
Pale hands demand
Yggdrasil’s wyrd tastes of treason

Howling winds moan
Wolves growl behind
The roosters of Ragnarök crow
The long night calls
And Odin falls
The laws of stone, in bone are cast

Poor fruit is trimmed
Foul limb removed
Putrescence through fire is purged
The illness cut
Spring can return
Life is reborn in ashen loam

Wyrd is mended
The world recast
Skulls are buried, the scales reset
Sacrifice made
Scars forgotten
Just roots brace new generations

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