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Words from the Vanir in Times of Trouble


I’ve been appalled and horrified, but not necessarily surprised, by the events this past weekend in Charlottesville. It’s as if the general public is waking up to the insidious destructive nature of white supremacy here in the US. I feel like it’s a drum I’ve been beating for several years now, and many other Heathens have been beating it for much longer–they’re here! they’re destroying our culture and our religion! they’re destroying us, Americans, as a people, Heathens and Christians and Jews and Muslims alike! And it’s a tiny bit of a relief to finally hear from public figures that they see this too, and that they, too, are horrified. Or at least most of them are. (Our president is another matter entirely.)

I’ve been reading FB and news sources and other people’s blogs to the point that I’m actually getting physically nauseous most of the day, every day. I get some hope from some of the responses of public figures, but I still feel so much fear. What went wrong where that this even had the possibility of happening? Why aren’t the police cracking down on this at least as harshly as they would on BLM groups or any other group of protestors? That in itself makes me sicker than any single action or post by some neo-Nazi jackass ever could.

So I’ve sat and stressed about it for four days now. Today I actually came down with a bad head cold and said enough was enough. I can’t handle the stress anymore by myself. So I turned to my Gods. That’s what They are there for–for me, anyway–strength in times of trouble. “How do I get through this?” I ask. “I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore.”

And They answered.

Unsurprisingly, Their answer was a call to arms of its own.

From Freya

Love! Love them like they’ve never been loved before. Hunt them down and make them feel. Make them realize we are connected. That the hurt they do to others hurts themselves as well. Remind them–forcefully if necessary–that they are not alone. Break the power of their hate with love.

From Freyr, the Sacred King

Freyr figurine museum replica, photo by author

We reap what we sow. Everything that grows here is something that we have planted, and did not weed out. Americans planted this crop, and now we gain its harvest.

When asked, What should we do? He answers:

Call to Them. You have planted Them, as well, in your fears and your hope. The Deep Ones, the Old Ones, the Many-Named. Those you honor with your rituals and your offerings. They are planted all around–not just in one place; not just associated with one group. This is what you have called Us to do, to help you in this world of yours, in the plans that you are making and the lives that you are living RIGHT NOW. The Old Ones are awake. Pull from Their strength. Be guided by Their wisdom. Attack with the power of Their arms, the fire in Their hearts, the beauty of Their countenances. You have asked, and They have come. Connect with Them now.

And from Gerd, Freyr’s  jötunn wife (ever-practical as always),

Gerd, by Thorskegga Thorn

Build gardens that are walled, but that connect. Protected, yet united. A web of places, people, & groups. Don’t give your enemies a single point to focus on. If they tear down one component in a web, the web itself yet is unhurt and strong. Stand your ground. Make sure your light is on that others can see it. Make sure to meet and talk–to form new connections and make old ones stronger. Find strength in connections between others; don’t trust only in the hierarchy of the wealthy and powerful.

And from Njord the peacemaker, the least warlike of the Vanir, who takes care of us without us realizing it.

When you need to escape the battle, accept that there is time needed to heal yourself, and allow yourself to take a break from it all.

Well have I asked, and well have I been answered. Hail the Gods!

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